Lightsaber Escape: Star Wars game – iPhone controlled

Google Chrome launched their Star Wars experimental game – Lightsaber Escape. All you need is enter this website from a computer (using Chrome browser) and your iPhone at the same time. Here’s an official trailer of some sort: Continue reading

Do you have any idea what you’ve done?

Hey guys!You’re probably reading the #2015BestNine blog post. That’s the reason this blog’s traffic is currently exploding and my face expression right now is this: 

But I just wanted to say that this moment – this is how happiness looks (or feels) like. I’ll explain why… Continue reading

Zanzebek #2015BestNine 2015 best nine for instagram

Make Best of 2015 Instagram Post with 2015 Best Nine

Every year some cool service pops out with your Instagram profile summary of the year. In 2015 this is #2015BestNine. 2015 Best Nine site will let you enter your username and grab the result picture. You can also do this for you friends. Basically you type any username (hmm, I bet I’ll have a go at this a few more times). Continue reading

Zanzebek Apple App Store Best Apps of 2015 Blogpost 2 Light

Apple’s App Store Best Apps of 2015

Apple released App Store’s best apps of 2015. These are most used, most updated and most downloaded apps throughout the year. Continue reading

Star Wars BB8 Ringtones Is a Must Have

BB8 ringtones is something I didn’t know I wanted. R2-D2 is pretty old, Imperial March is too cliche. Besides who makes calls anyways? It’s the era of text-ringtones.

BB8 rolling gif via Giphy

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Kimoji by Kim - Zanzebek Blog

KIMOJI is Kim Kardashian’s Version of Emoji

Kimoji is emoji+Kim and the app with emoticons is about to launch tomorrow. Who’s ready? Do I have to pay for this? We’ll see. So far I have only this pic as a preview… Continue reading

Taylor Swift 1989 World Tour Live Video on Apple Music Zanzebek

Taylor Swift 1989 World Tour Live Apple Music & CHILL

Is that Taylor’s Xmas gift or what? 1989 World Tour Live video is available to everyone in the world. Well, almost. If you have access to Apple Music you should definitely tune into right now if you haven’t already done so by now.

Taylor Swift 1989 WOrld Tour Live Featured on Zanzebek
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Zanzebek Dota 2 The Balance of Power Update Featured Image

Dota 2 The Balance of Power Update

Dota 2 has just revealed yet another update. Dota 2 The Balance of Power Update includes a new hero and a new item set for Zeus, which looks just magnificent.

New Hero Is In Da House

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Jimmy Fallon & Star Wars Acapella

Star Wars acappella! Yet another great acapella presented to us, the fans, by Jimmy Fallon, Star Wars cast and The Roots. I’m thinking of making a similar star wars cappella version of my own right before I’ll enter the cinema. Continue reading

This little girl’s so sweet that I’m gonna die

I couldn’t stop re-watching this again and again. This video form my Facebook timeline just made my day (and maybe made my whole week löl)

this video gonna make you happy . #music

Posted by Jeremy de Koste on Monday, 17 August 2015

I don’t think this video was made as a complete coincidence. Rather, it’s a nice compilation from the same app (via the Sing Karaoke app by Smule), which allowed to sync the two. But the point is that it looks and sounds incredible.

Share this with someone who’s not in a good mood to cheer them up! They’ll appreciate it (as much as I will)